Walter Zeischegg: Die Natur der Form

Walter Zeischegg: The Nature of Shapes

Exhibition Opening on Sunday, 12th November 2017, 11.00 a.m.
Studio HfG at the HfG-Archive Ulm, Am Hochsträß 8, 89081 Ulm

On the occasion of Walter Zeischegg's 100th birthday the Studio HfG will present a selection of works by the product designer and sculptor. Before Max Bill asked Zeischegg to join the staff at the Ulm School of Design, he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. As lecturer in the industrial design program as well as a sculptor Walter Zeischegg always was interested in free forms and geometrical structures, which can be observed in nature. The exhibtion presents a varied selection of sculptures, modells and drawings from the vast bequest of Zeischegg, which is held at the HfG-Archive.


Dr. Stefanie Dathe
Director Museum Ulm

About the exhibition

Dr. Martin Mäntele
Head of the HfG-Archive

You and your friends are cordially invited to celebrate with us the opening of the exhibition.

Lecture (in German)

Dr. Martin Mäntele
«Neonlicht: Material für Design und Kunst»
Kleiner Hörsaal, HfG-Gebäude, 3. OG, Am Hochsträß 8, 89081 Ulm
Do, 14.12.17, 07.00 p.m.